The spine is an essential component of our bony system. It protects the delicate nerves while also allowing movement in different directions. Spine problems are extremely common. There is no way to avoid back pain, but we can train our bodies to reduce the severity and disability caused by back pain. Any mistreatment or abuse of our spine will have a negative impact. The most common cause of back or neck pain is bad sleeping surface, many people tend to sleep on bed while others on floor. In this blog, we will be discussing the same, whether sleeping on the floor or bed is good for spine health.

Sleeping on a bad surface can increase back and neck discomfort owing to the numerous strains exerted on the spine’s delicate network of muscles, joints, and discs. So, it is necessary for you to follow the right advice from spine experts of NeuroWellnessThe Best Spine Specialist Clinic in Bangalore helps to keep your spine fit and healthy!

Is sleeping on the floor good for your spine?

Many people would rather sleep on the floor. In some cultures, sleeping on the floor rather than a bed is more common. For more personal reasons, some people sleep on the floor.

Sleeping on the floor allows for a more minimalist lifestyle, which many people prefer. Some people may sleep on the floor because they do not currently have the space or budget for a full-sized bed.

Whatever piqued your interest in sleeping on the floor, it is natural to wonder if it is healthy for you. While sleeping on the floor has both advantages and disadvantages, there has been very little scientific research on the subject. If you’re thinking about sleeping on the floor, it’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons first.


  1. It might be more comfortable at a cooler temperature.

Since heat rises, it makes sense that sleeping on the floor would keep you cooler at night. Your body heat quickly decreases when the floor is cold.

  1. It Could Help with Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors. Depending on what’s causing your back pain and your preferred sleeping position, a firmer sleep surface may provide some relief.

  1. It Could Help You Improve Your Posture

Sleeping on the floor can make it easier to keep your spine straight while sleeping because you won’t sink too deeply into a mattress.


  1. The posture.

When we sleep on the floor, the natural ‘S’ curve of the spine won’t be maintained for hours since it is a hard surface. Moreover, when it happens the pressure will directly fall on the spinal cord and nerves.

  1. Kyphotic position.

The neck will be in a kyphotic position, i.e forward bending, it can cause strain on the cervical spine.

  1. It may aggravate back pain.

While some people with back pain find sleeping on the floor beneficial, others may find it worsens their pain. Sleeping on the floor without adequate cushioning around pressure points such as your hips and shoulders can cause stiffness and discomfort.

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Is sleeping on the bed good for your spine?

Memory foam, innerspring, latex, air, adjustable, and other types of mattresses are available. Any of these mattresses that are too soft will cause the body to “sink in,” resulting in low back pain and irritated spinal joints. A hard mattress can cause pressure points and reduce blood circulation.

Hence, if you can’t sleep on the floor then you can go for “hard mattresses” to ensure good spine health!


  1. Supports your back and reduces pain.

A firm mattress benefits your spine the most. The mattress supports the natural curves of your spine and keeps it in a neutral position, providing back relief while you sleep.

  1. Weight distribution that is uniform.

A firm mattress provides adequate support to the entire body and evenly distributes your weight.

  1. Appropriate body alignment

Each region of your body should receive equal support from your mattress. Your lower back won’t be adequately supported without this even weight distribution, which prevents your spine from being in a neutral position. Over time, improper spinal alignment can result in a wide range of issues, including persistent pain.


  1. Affects the spine.

Using a soft mattress sinks your body which therefore affects your body posture and might cause severe spine related problems.

  1. Uncomfortable.

For the people who have just started to sleep on hard mattresses they may find it very uncomfortable and even painful at first.

  1. Spinal misalignment.

Your pressure points (shoulders, hips, and torso) may experience undue strain from an overly hard or soft mattress, which could also result in spinal misalignment.

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What makes sleeping on bed different from the floor?

  • Comfortable.

As discussed above, sleeping in bed is more comfortable. The surface of the floor is very hard and it affects the posture of the body as well.

  • Body alignment.

The bodily alignment is promoted when you sleep on the bed. When you sleep on the floor the body aches may start.

  • Affect on the spine.

When you use a soft mattress, it affects your spine adversely. Sleeping on the floor will keep the spine firm.

  • Body strains.

When you sleep in bed you might find body strains much less than when you sleep on the floor. Get more information to live a healthy life from the Top Spine Surgeon in Bangalore.

Which one is better?

As we discussed above, everything has its pros and cons; still when it comes to choosing which one is better amongst bed or floor, it is advisable to use a bed for sleeping to allow the spine to maintain a natural S-shape with proper pillows that support your neck. For more information you can contact to the Best Spine Surgeon in Bangalore.


The bottom line is choosing a bed for sleeping as it is more comfortable and maintains good posture! If you still face persistent spine problems, please contact NeuroWellness, No.1 Spine Specialist Clinic in Bangalore.We will help you cure your pain with full care.


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