Like any other problem, your neck symptoms are classified as mild, moderate, severe.

A complete neurological evaluation is done. We always correlate neurologically the symptoms, signs with clinical diagnosis and then confirm radiologically by X-Ray and MRI.

If you are having severe chronic neck pain, which is not relieved by conservative treatment with analgesics and physiotherapy and if you are developing weakness in the hands and limbs and the imaging shows nerve root or spinal cord compression on MRI scan, then definitely physiotherapy would prove to be dangerous and worsen your prevailing condition.

In such cases relieving of nerve or spinal cord compression is adviced to prevent further damage and relive pain.

There are various neurosurgical procedures done in such situations.

The most common surgeries being

  1. ACDR – Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion using bone graft or artificial cages-PEEK, Titanium
  2. Cervical laminectomy
  3. Enbloc laminectomy
  4. Corpectomy
  5. ADR – Artificial disc replacement


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