Cervical collars, also known as neck braces, are used to provide spinal cord and head support. These collars are commonly used to treat neck injuries, neck surgeries, and some cases of neck pain.

Cervical collars come in a variety of styles. Which one you require will be determined by the nature of your neck injury or the underlying cause of your neck pain. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a cervical collar as well as the potential reasons why your doctor advises you to use it and some other additional information regarding C collars.

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When your doctor advises cervical collar?

A cervical collar’s purpose is to support your neck and spinal cord while also limiting movement of your neck and head. They are typically intended for use in the short term while you recover from an injury, surgery, or pain.

The following are some conditions that may necessitate the use of a cervical collar, or your doctor may recommend a cervical collar:

  • Trauma and whiplash: A cervical collar may protect your neck and prevent further injury if you’ve been in a car accident or suffered another type of injury, such as a fall.
  • Neck surgery is performed:  A cervical collar limits rotation, as well as side-to-side and back-and-forth movements, which helps to prevent injury after surgery.
  • Compression of the nerves: Cervical collars are used on occasion to relieve pressure on the nerves in the neck.
  • Cervical spondylosis: A cervical collar may provide temporary relief from pain caused by cervical spondylosis, an age-related condition caused by wear and tear of the neck’s cartilage and bones.
  • Neck stiffness or pain in general: A cervical collar may relieve some of the strain on your neck muscles.

Doctors are reconsidering the use of cervical collars for long-term therapy.

When a patient wears a collar for an extended period of time, muscle deterioration increases. Furthermore, doctors believe that in many patients who use a collar, pain relief may be due to the collar’s psychological support as well as its physical support. After a whiplash-type injury, a collar should not be worn for more than 10 days. However, you may require assistance for an extended period of time following surgery or a traumatic injury.

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Types of cervical collars:

  • Soft collar: They are typically made of foam rubber, polyethylene, or an inflatable cuff that fits around the neck. These collars allow for some forward and backward movement while restricting side-to-side movement.
  • Rigid collar: These collars are constructed with a plastic shell covering a foam or vinyl core. They are the most constricting of all neck collars. They are used when doctors want to prevent almost all neck movement in any direction.
  • Sport collar: These rigid collars are a subset of rigid collars. They are worn by racecar drivers, motocross riders, and ATV riders, all of whom engage in high-speed, high-impact driving, to protect their necks in the event of a collision or a sudden stop. ‌‌

Benefits of a cervical collar:

  • Neck Pain Relief

Cervical collars can be used for pain management and immediate relief under the supervision of a trained doctor. If a person is experiencing severe neck pain, it is best to consult a doctor about wearing a neck brace in order to be prescribed an individual treatment plan and receive an accurate assessment of neck pain.

  • Neck or head trauma

Following a severe head or neck injury, a neck brace or cervical collar is usually worn. It greatly aids in the stabilisation of an injured person’s cervical area, including the spinal cord and skull, as well as the prevention of further injury.

  • Recovery

Cervical Collars are your best bet for a quick recovery after a whiplash injury, traumatic head or neck injury, or spinal surgery. A cervical collar relieves stress from the injured area of the body while also immobilising it.

  • Cervical Radiculopathy is treated

Another dreadful disease that can be effectively treated by wearing a neck brace is cervical radiculopathy. It is a pathological process that involves the nerve root and is caused by spondylosis, disc herniation, or tumour, resulting in nerve root avulsion.

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Tips to wear a cervical collar:

Dr. Ganesh Veerabhadraiah known as the Neck Pain Specialist in Bangalore has shared few tips to wear a cervical collar:

  • Instead of excessive resting or sitting, move. Walking, for example, can help keep your neck muscles from stiffening up. Muscle tension may delay your recovery.
  • Maintain proper posture. Avoid slouching or hunching over. Maintain a straight back, shoulders back, and a straight head with your ears over your shoulders.
  • Avoid soft, low-slung chairs. This can have an impact on your posture and put additional strain on your neck.
  • Lifting or carrying anything heavy should be avoided. Avoid strenuous activity as well, such as running or other high-impact movement.
  • Except when cleaning it or as directed by your healthcare provider, keep your collar on at all times.
  • Make sure your collar is snug but comfortable. If the collar does not fit snugly enough, it will most likely not provide the necessary support, which could result in additional pain or injury. If it’s too big, it might rub against your skin, causing irritation or blisters.


A cervical collar supports and protects the neck and spinal cord. These collars are typically used to treat neck injuries, neck surgeries, and some cases of neck pain.  If you are facing any such problems (neck or spine related), visit NeuroWellness spine and brain care centre, we will provide you with the best advice for your health since our main motive is “you should be healthy”.

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