Minimally invasive spine surgery has evolved over few years slowly. Due to the availability of the refined surgical skills, application of microscopic techniques and better understanding of micro anatomy of spine and it’s bio mechanics. It involves spine surgeryMLD (Micro Lumbar disc anatomy) spinal decompression, spinal listhesis, spinal tumors etc.

Main goal is same for open spinal surgery and MISS (minimally invasive spine surgery) -results, outcome and protection of neural structures are same.

In MISS starting from skin minimal incision, less tissue distruction, less disruption of ligaments, no cutting of muscles, less blood loss. Through microscopic techniques, long tubular retractors, high speed drills are used to dissect the spinous lamina, facet and ligaments. Through small window, through microscope, nerves, spinal cord & dual tube are seen and retracted minimally so there will be only mild traction of tissue. The decompression of nerve roots & spinal cord and dual tube is a cord under direct vision. The instrumentation titanium screws, cages and artificial disc are placed through small retractors & tubes. Fusion & fixation are a done with minimal blood loss.

Main goal of surgery is ‘NO HARM’ and key hole.

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