Most common brain tumours are

  1. Meningiomas – Arise from meninges
  2. Gliomas – Arise from brain and spinal cord. astrocytomas, glioblastomas, ependymomas, oligoastrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas.
  3. Pituitary adenomas
  4. Acoustic schwannomas
  5. Craniophyryngiomas-non cancerous
  6. Medulloblastomas – common in children and behind brain and spreads in cerebrospinal spinal fluid.
  7. PNET – Primitive neuroectodemal tumour, starts in embryonic cells of brain. These can occur anywhere in brain.
  8. Metastasis


  1. Surgery – Surgery is the usual first treatment for most brain tumours. Neuroradio-imaging, earlier diagnosis, systematic planning, preoperative, anaesthetic management, Neuro microscopes and surgical micro instruments, it is possible to remove significant amounts of brain tumour through relatively safely. For most brain tumours, treatment is often successful and a full recovery is possible, although there’s sometimes a small chance the tumour can reoccur. Regular follow-up is advised to monitor.
  2. The advent of PET CT, IGRT(image guided radiation therapy) and Gamma knife surgery(stereotactic radio surgery) is revolutionizing the treatment of various problems in the brain, including benign brain tumours in eloquent locations, like the motor cortex, basal ganglia, brain stem or near the optic nerve. Howsoever, all Brain tumours do not require operation and many are treatable with radiation or chemotherapy or Gamma Knife.
  3. Radio surgery (advised when tumour size less than 2.5 cm)
  4. Gamma knife
  5. Chemotherapy

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