1. What is Balloon Kyphoplasty?

It is a spinal procedure to restore the height of the fractured vertebral bone. It relieves the back pain by stabilizing the spine after the procedure.

2. When it is done?

It is done in vertebral fracture due to osteoporosis and bone has lost its height. There will be severe back pain, most commonly after the trivial fall.

3. When you need it?

It can happen in people after the age of 50 years after a trivial fall. Vertebral fracture causing severe pain, unable to walk. Evaluation is done with MRI, CT and bone scan.

4. How kyphoplasty is done?

It is a minimally invasive spine procedure and a modified vertebroplasty technique. Here Spine Surgeons in Bangalore inflate the balloon in the fractured vertebra to restore the height of the vertebra to stabilize the fracture. Then bone cement is filled into space. Anaesthesia preferred is general but it can be done under local anaesthesia in some cases. The duration can be 1 hour to 2 hours.

5. What are the complications of the procedure?

There is no procedure without complications

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