Lumbar Disc Prolapse – 

A lumbar disc prolapse, also known as  herniated or slipped disc.  This is  a common spine condition especially after 50 years. It is a degenerative  disc disorder. Disc is a toothpaste like or gel like material placed in between two vertebrae. This material disc just barely comes out under pressure through a tear in the annulus. The prolapsed piece might compress an adjacent nerve root or multiple roots to cause neurological symptoms.

Symptoms of Lumbar Disc Prolapse –

One of the common problem is Lower Back Pain – 

Lower Back Pain

Most of the patients develop back pain , it will be mild to moderate at initial stage . Later stages depends on side there may be associated leg pain.

Classically pain on one side of the leg (Sciatica) –

Classically pain on one side of the leg (Sciatica)

Classically sciatica or radically pain  is on one side.  It may extend from hip to down up to knee or ankle especially on lateral aspect of leg or foot. This is due to nerve root pinching. L4L5 Disc prolapse or PIVD(prolapsed intervertebral disc) is the most common disc prolapses and cause problem.  It can happen in other levels also. Severe cases there may be severe leg pain or back pain which aggravates  on cough or sneezing. You may be unable sit or move.

Neurogenic pain when nerve is involved

Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain – there may be numbness and tingling sensations in the leg ,thigh or foot. Sometimes there may be burning sensations in leg or foot when there is nerve damage. There may be cotton wool sensation in the feet , you can sense while walking.

Slipper falling away from feet while walking due Muscle weakness

Slipper falling away from feet while walking due Muscle weakness-

If nerve is involved chronically or nerve root compression is severe you may get weakness in toes/foot or leg. There may be Difficulty in lifting the foot or wearing slipper or slipper falling away from foot while walking without getting noticed.

Bowel or urinary incontinence(Cauda equina)

Bowel or urinary incontinence

It is the severe or extreme condition when disc prolapse or disc extrusion happens. There may be Loss of bowel, bladder or sexual sensation when caudal equina nerve roots are involved or compressed.

In elderly patients disc prolapse may be associated with spinal stenosis or slip vertebra or Listhesis.

Conclusion –

The above mentioned are some of the signs of Lumbar Disc Prolapse. We hope this blog may be useful to you! For more details kindly reach us. Neuro Wellness is one of the best clinics for Lumbar Disc Prolapse treatment in Bangalore and Dr. Ganesh Veerabhadraiah known as renowned back pain specialist in Bangalore.

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