If you are suffering from headache and looking to heal with Headache Specialist in Bangalore then you are on the right page. In this article, you will get 7 tips to heal your headache but before we jump to tips let’s understand some important information about the headache.

How Medical Define Headache?

The medical definition of “headache” is a pain in the head, which is located in the front, side, back of the head, and neck.

Let me quote the definition of Wikipedia

“Headache is the symptom of pain in the face, head, or neck. It can occur as migraine, tension-type headache, or cluster headache. There is an increased risk of depression in those with severe headaches. Headaches can occur as a result of many conditions.”


Headache is classified mainly into two categories: Primary and secondary.

A primary headache is usually benign and longstanding. Common primary headaches are migraine and tension-type headache. They have typical features – Migraine, tends to be pulsating in character, affecting one side of the head, associated with nausea, disabling in severity and it usually lasts between 3 hours and 3 days.


Secondary Headache: This may be caused by problems elsewhere in the head or neck. Some of these are not harmful, such as cervicogenic headache (pain arising from the neck muscles). Medication overuse headache may occur in those using excessive analgesics or other medication for a headache.

Serious causes of secondary headache include brain tumours, stroke and brain hemorrhage. Patients having a very severe headache, thunderclap headache or sudden change in the pattern of long duration headache or having associated symptoms like vision loss, frequent vomiting, seizures and drowsiness may have a serious disease. This type of headache requires a brain scan (CT or MRI Scan). It may also require surgery depending on the pathology. Brain tumour biopsy or surgery may be required to know the tissue diagnosis or to relieve the headache and other associated neurological symptoms.

Why do we get headaches?

There are perceptions that headaches are a pain that originate from the brain. By the way, that is not the case because while the brain makes us a sense of pain in different parts of our bodies, it is unable to feel any pain itself.

So the pain we feel when we get a headache usually initiates from the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles that cover our head and neck.


Actually, we feel pain when these muscles or blood vessels expand, contract, or go through other changes that activate the nerves around them to send a pain signal to the brain. If you wish to know more please visit a Headache Specialist in Bangalore.

What causes headaches?

There are many different reasons of headaches. Some of the most common triggers include stress, dehydration, computer or TV fatigue, loud music, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, hunger, sleeplessness and eye strain. Each type of common headache pain varies in intensity, location, for example, the top, back, or front of the head, and duration.

Sometimes hormonal changes could trigger a headache—for example, the dreaded period headache! Some kinds of headaches, like migraines, could also be hereditary which can be treated by a Best doctor for migraine in Bangalore. Stress and anxiety may trigger some people’s headaches, and some seem to have no apparent cause.

7 Tips to Heal Your Headache

Now that you are aware of Headache and its causes here you get 7 Tips to Heal Your Headache

1. Take Analgesic/pain killer after consulting the Neurosurgeon in Bangalore

In this article, all tips belong to writer experience and written for sharing information but please consult a Neurosurgeon in Bangalore before taking pain medications including the most commonly used paracetamol. Let me help you understand about paracetamol – It is very common pain reliever medicine but it has some side effects such as stomach upset – nausea and vomiting over usage can cause liver damage.


Next common medicine used by the common man is aspirin. People with stomach ulcers or on blood thinners such as warfarin (Coumadin) should not take aspirin. Alcohol use increases the risk of bleeding. People older than 60 years and those with kidney problems should not take aspirin unless advised by their Headache Specialist in Bangalore.

2. Try Heating Pad or Hot Compress

If you have a headache due to tension, the doctor may advise – a heating pad on your neck or the lower back of your head. If you have a sinus headache, hold a warm cloth to the area that hurts. A warm shower might also help.

Hot Compress

3. Dim the Lights

If you stay in Bright or flickering light like long work duration in front of computer/laptop screen, can cause headaches. If you’re prone to lighting devices, use the best quality eyeglasses or wear sunglasses while going outdoors.

Dim the Lights

4. Avoid or reduce alcohol, adequate intake of water is must.

5. Try Head Massage

Your neurosurgeon in Bangalore may advise the best cure but a few minutes of massaging your forehead, neck, and temples can help ease a tension headache, which may result from stress. Or apply gentle, rotating pressure to the painful area.

6. Avoid Stress

Stress leads to many health issues and headache is one of them. Stress is nothing but the body’s response to a challenge or demand. Everyone experiences stress, which can be triggered by a range of events, from small daily hassles to major life incidents like family issues, toxic relationships, and divorce or job loss. Try to be punctual on your healthy diets and good sleep.

Avoid Stress

7. Call Your Headache Specialist in Bangalore

Headache may lead to many neurological problems – for example, if you suffer from chronic headaches and can’t find relief with normal medications, you might be experiencing cervicogenic headaches.

concernA headache that gets worse even after you take pain medications so if you have an immediate health concern, don’t wait weeks to book an appointment with the best Headache Specialist in Bangalore.

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